Just A Cupcake Bakery &Cafe - Dunnellon-(352)-601-0047
Welcome to Just A Cupcake Bakery & Café!
Ph 352-601-0047   Wed-Sat 11a-6p, First Saturday 9a-6p

 Cobb Salad- Rows of Chicken. Bacon. Onion. Cheese. Tomatoes &
       Egg on Crisp Romaine & Spring MIx.  

Sunshine Bowl Salad-Spinach & Romaine topped with Cran raisins.
       pecans, mandarin oranges. carrots. Blue Cheese Crumbles & Chicken.
      (Comes with Zesty Orange Dressing)   

Messy Tex Bowl- Yellow rice covered with Fajita Chicken & Shredded Cheese
surrounded by Black Beans, Sour Cream, Corn relish, Lettuce, Tomato,
 Red Onion & Salsa

________Homemade Cafe Buttermilk Ranch
_______ Zinfandel Vinaigrette-Low Fat-Gluten Free
_______ Fresh Made Blue Cheese Dressing

Sandwiches below come with a side

____Rockin' Roast Beef- Telera roll with homemade
        horseradish sauce, Fresh Sliced Rare Roast Beef & Sliced Cheddar
        with-________Lettuce________Tomato _________Onion
___ Turkey Fresco-Hand Cut Turkey Breast,  Bacon,
       Swiss. Asiago Sauce Hot Pressed on Cuban Bread
              _______ Tomato ________ Pickles

___ Chicken Salad,  Tuna Salad or Egg Salad on
___(3) Homemade Fresh Baked Slider Rolls or  Sour dough Bread
___ Croissant ____________Lettuce or_________________ Tomato
___ Bed of Romaine Lettuce with Tomatoes & Cukes
___Sunflower Bistro Sandwich-Sliced Ham, Egg Salad,
      Apricot Mustard on a Hearty Sunflower Bread
___ Hot Pressed Cuban-Authentic Cuban Bread, Ham, Cuban Pork,
      Swiss, Pickles,  Mayo & Mustard     
___ Island Wrap-Spinach Tortilla,Colby-Jack, Spinach, Cukes, Carrots,
       Red Pepper, Pineapple & Green Onion Cream Cheese Spread
      _________ Chicken or_____________ Ham

Side Item choices come with Sandwiches

____ Fresh made Sweet Cole Slaw
____ Black Beans & Rice
____Soup of the Day
____ House Salad - Dressing Choice_______ R_______.Z._______ BC

Red Raspberry or Peach Tea made from dried fruits
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea-Sweet or Un-sweet $2.00
Fresh Lemonade $2.00, Bottled Drinks $2.00
Latte, Cappucino, Smoothies or Milk Shakes $3.00
Coffee, Iced Coffee,Espresso or Hot Tea $1.79
Canned Drinks & Bottles Water $1.25
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